Over $76,000 Raised for Adoption Through Mustaches That Matter

The Ekwall family of Walnut Creek Johnston spent five weeks in Columbia this summer. Mustaches That Matter helped the Ekwalls adopt Jose (13) and Maria (11) from Columbia and bring them home to Iowa. 

Mustaches That Matter launched July 25, and within the first week, we met our goal of raising $25,000. In one month Mustaches That Matter raised $76,300, which will help families in the adoption process bring children home.

Throughout the campaign, 206 men participated by growing their own mustaches. The men passed out business cards and engaged in conversations throughout the month to ask family, friends, and coworkers to financially sponsor their mustaches. Although the mustache contest ended August 25, donations can still be given through the MTM website.

Mustaches That Matter leverages the power of mustaches to help families in the adoption process cross their financial finish line, whether adopting internationally, domestically, or through the foster care system. All the funds raised go into our adoption assistance fund to help multiple families, like the Ekwalls, each year.

Mustaches That Matter also received media attention and was featured on both WHO TV Channel 13 News and Great Day on KCWI 23, raising further awareness about adoption.

The 2014 Mustache That Matters Award recipients will be displayed at the Walnut Creek Downtown and Windsor Heights locations. Jordan Harlow won the Most Valuable Mustache award for raising $4,050. The Most Macho Mustache Award was given to Kyle Kurtenbach who earned 2,402 votes. Lucas Vander Weerdt won the Most Magnificent Mustache Award with 164 votes, and the Most Meager Mustache Award was earned by Alex Crittenden with 1,707 votes.

Visit www.mustachesthatmatter.com to learn more about the campaign and the Ekwall family.

By Jackie Wallentin
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights