Walnut Creek Community Church Membership Class

What are the core beliefs of Walnut Creek Community Church? What is the history of the church? How is it structured? What is Walnut Creek's vision for the future?

Have you ever considered becoming a member of Walnut Creek Community Church? Or, do you just want to get more information about Walnut Creek Community Church, The Downtown Church, West Town Church, and/or the Johnston congregation of WCCC? Either way, the Membership Class is for you! 

What is the Membership Class?
The Membership Class is intended for those involved (or those wanting to become involved) in any of WCCC's four locations. The time is designed to give people a history of how God has led and directed WCCC, and brought us to where we are today as a body of believers. The class will also include an explanation of WCCC's beliefs, church structures, strategy, and vision for the future. For those who desire to become a member of Walnut Creek Community Church, there will be an opportunity to do so, however the class is open to all who want to participate. Attendance at the class does not require you to become a member.

When is the Membership Class?
The next WCCC Membership Class will be held on Sunday, January 29th, from 3-6pm at the Windsor Heights location of Walnut Creek Community Church (900 64th St). A meal will be served for all who are in attendance at 6:00pm, following the informational portion of the class.

How to Sign Up:
If you plan to come to the Membership Class, please RSVP to ensure there are enough materials (and food!) for everyone. You may register online at www.walnutcreekcc.org/membership. Or, email pastor@walnutcreekcc.org, or you may call the church office at 515-279-8312.  

The Marriage You Always Wanted Conference

If you're like me, you probably wait until the last minute to register for things. So I'm giving you (and me) a chance to do the responsible thing and register early for the couple's conference. The Walnut Creek staff is hoping to have most of our members and regular attendees registered by Feb 1.

About the Conference:
Invest in your marriage by attending "The Marriage You Always Wanted Conference" at The Downtown Church. Led by Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the best-selling Five Love Languages, this conference is not a dry, formal marriage seminar—it's a time of fun and discovery that can help you build the love relationship of your dreams. Whether you're getting married in six months—or have been married 60 years—you'll get solutions you can use. With biblical advice and a healthy dose of laughter, Dr. Chapman gives valuable tips on breaking unhealthy patterns and choosing to develop a God-honoring, happy marriage.

Couples both married and engaged will benefit from practical sessions addressing topics like communication differences, dealing with criticism, understanding love languages, and making sex mutually fulfilling. Join us for a day that will be a highlight for your marriage!

More information & registration