2015 Apologetics Conference, "5 Reasons to Bet Your Life on the Bible"

Sean McDowell
Dr. Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace presented on the reliability of the Bible during the 2015 Apologetics Conference hosted by Walnut Creek Church October 16-18.
Photos courtesy of Bruce Hall

"I'd rather live in the inconvenient truth than a convenient lie," said J. Warner Wallace this past weekend at the 2015 Apologetics Conference hosted at Walnut Creek Downtown. The conference brought over 500 people to the East Village to hear J. Warner Wallace and Dr. Sean McDowell as they presented "5 Reasons to Bet Your Life on the Bible."

Dr. Sean McDowell is a professor at Biola University as well as an author, apologist, speaker, and editor of the Apologetics Study Bible for Students. J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University, Christian case maker, and author.

Sean began the conference on Friday night with an "Atheist Encounter," where he role-played as an atheist and answered questions from the audience, challenging them to think critically about what they believe. "Christianity can hold its own in a world full of ideas," said Sean. "Christianity is about a God who stepped into history itself."

The conference continued on Saturday with two morning sessions and one afternoon session, covering the first three reasons believers can bet their lives on the Bible. Sean spoke on Reason 1: "The Bible Is Reliable," and took a historical look at the Bible, manuscript transmission, and archaeology. Then, Jim followed up with Reason 2: "The Bible Is Trustworthy," as he looked at the difference between Biblical artifacts and evidence while responding to some of the biggest objections to the transmission of the Bible. 

J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective in Los Angeles County, California. Formerly an atheist, Jim became a Christian when he was 35.
In the afternoon, Sean spoke on the evidence for the resurrection, making the case by examining the death of Jesus, the empty tomb, the appearances of Jesus, and the transformation of the disciples. "No other religion rests on a single historical event like Christianity," said Sean. "The reason I believe that God is good is because death doesn't have the final word."

On Saturday evening Jim spoke at both Downtown evening services, as well as the South location. Jim gave Reason 4: "The Bible Has Been Transmitted Accurately," discussing the eyewitnesses of the Gospel accounts and how from a cold-case perspective, he came to fully trust their reliability

To conclude the conference, both Jim and Sean gave Reason 5: "The Biblical Account Best Explains Evil." Jim spoke at the Windsor Heights Sunday morning services, while Sean spoke at the 10am Downtown service. Throughout the weekend, both Jim and Sean encouraged believers to seek God and trust the Bible for answers. "Don't be an accidental Christian," said Jim. "Know why you believe."

For more apologetic resources from Sean and Jim, visit their websites at seanmcdowell.org and coldcasechristianity.com.

Conference media will be available on the Walnut Creek website. 

By Jackie Wallentin 
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights