Vacation Bible School 2015: Camp Kilimanjaro


Over 180 kids "climbed" to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro this week during Vacation Bible School. The safari theme, Camp Kilimanjaro, brought the trekkers on an epic adventure through the Book of Proverbs as they learned that true wisdom comes only from the one true God.

Each night the kids, ranging from pre-kindergarten through 6th grade, rotated through stations including music, craft, game, Bible lesson, and snack time. Each activity reinforced the key verse and lesson for the day:

Day 1: Ears that hear and obey the Word of God
Day 2: Hearts that trust in the Lord
Day 3: Tongues that are tame
Day 4: Hands that get to work
Day 5: Feet that walk with the wise

Vacation Bible School was hosted at Walnut Creek Windsor Heights for all locations of Walnut Creek.

Trekkers learned five important lessons from the Book of Proverbs as they journeyed through Camp Kilimanjaro.

The closing ceremony each night included scenes from the safari drama, which told the story of a news team who traveled to a resort in Africa. As the team investigated signs of a Big Foot sighting, they learned about the wisdom of God and how to walk with the wise. The drama provided a fun way to reinforce the lesson learned each day and show practical ways to obey the key Bible verses from the week.

Each closing ceremony reinforced the key Bible lessons from the week as the drama followed a news team who learned about God's wisdom and walking with the wise. 

Vacation Bible School was hosted at Walnut Creek Windsor Heights from Sunday through Thursday evening. Over 135 different volunteers and parents helped throughout the week with the drama, game, music, and snack time, and leading as guides for the different age groups.

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By Jackie Wallentin  
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights