Glitter, Tiaras, and Princesses–Oh My!

Over 170 girls danced the night away at Walnut Creek's first ever Daddy-Daughter Dance.
Photos by: Carrie Krupke
Walnut Creek's first ever Daddy-Daughter Dance was a night to remember for over 170 girls and their dads on Sunday evening at the Downtown location.

The girls entered the auditorium to applause and were then ushered to a candlelit table. Dads and daughters took their pick of an array of donated desserts. Then the girls could make their own tiara or friendship bracelet, get their face painted, or smile big in front of the camera at the photo booth. There was even a special appearance by seven Disney princesses, who took pictures with girls and had fun out on the dance floor.

Disney princesses made a special surprise appearance at the dance. 
Megan Griffith, of Walnut Creek Downtown, was the visionary behind the event, planning and organizing the many details and volunteers. Megan's prayer was for girls to hear and see how loved they are not just by their earthly fathers but even more so by God.

"I loved the image of there being an opportunity to have something that really valued that special relationship between a father and daughter. It's the picture of how God loves us; it should be celebrated," said Megan. "I was overwhelmed by just how much people cared and wanted to make this successful. We more than doubled expected numbers and fully packed the house. It was a beautiful explosion of memories and special moments."

Each girl received a handwritten note and a flower. 
Dads weren't the only ones dancing the night away with their girls. Grandpas and uncles joined in on the fun, too. Each girl received a handwritten note and a flower from their dad, grandpa, or uncle. Due to the high number of registrations at the door, volunteers ran to grab more flowers in the middle of the event to ensure each girl would leave with a special gift.

"I was really blessed by the night. My daughter had a great time seeing princesses, making a tiara, eating treats and dancing with me," said Pastor Luke Hukee. "It was a well done event. The girls were all really excited."

Carrie Krupke, of Walnut Creek Johnston, captured hundreds of smiles as the event photographer while her husband, Gerard, and their daughter, Adelaide, danced the night away.

"Adelaide's countenance changes when Daddy walks in the room, she laughs harder with him, freely gives him kisses and hugs more often. She literally lights up with him," said Carrie. "It is Adelaide's healthy and loving relationship with her earthly father that will help her bridge the gap of understanding about her Heavenly Father. It is critical that we cultivate that every chance we get."

Dads and daughters could make their own tiaras and friendship bracelets, too.
In her wallet, Carrie has a picture of her and her own dad, he in a suit and her in a formal gown, from a father-daughter dance her high school hosted. Carrie wants to thank Megan and the many volunteers who helped create similar memories for the girls on Sunday evening.

"I'm in awe of all the work that went into it so selflessly. The bulk of the volunteers do not have daughters, many were single. I love that there are people in our church body who recognize the vital importance of strengthening the relationship between daughters and their dads," said Carrie. "They saw an opportunity to serve a large part of our church families and did such a great job!"

You can view the full gallery of photos on the event's Facebook page.

By Jackie Wallentin  
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights