Couples Sync Up

Couples listen to Chris Hogan speak at Walnut Creek Downtown

Couples from Walnut Creek Church gathered October 11 and 12 for Walnut Creek’s annual Couple’s Conference. With a theme of “Syncing Up,” this year’s conference featured speaker Chris Hogan, a marriage coach and president of Noble Call Institute. With a mix of personal stories and practical, biblical teaching, Hogan focused on how to connect to your spouse through a variety of conversation tools.

“I learned ways to go deeper in conversation,” said Rod Van Raden of Walnut Creek Windsor Heights. “After 30 plus years of marriage and attending countless conferences, I still take away something new every time.”

Learning something new isn’t the only thing that keeps Rod and his wife, Theresa, coming back to the Couple’s Conference every year. “When we had little kids, it was a chance to get away, just the two of us,” Theresa said. “It lets your spouse know this marriage is important to me and I’m going to invest time in it.”

Rod said his favorite part of the conference was the closing, when Hogan shared from his heart some stories about his own church family. “It reminded me of the importance of investing in your church family for the long term,” Rod said. “There are couples in the church we’ve known more than 20 years – I know they would be there for us.”

Noble Call Institute's mission is “to help men and women experience God’s pleasure as they discover their noble calling and become the men and women they were created to be: Noble men and women who make noble plans and carry out noble deeds of great faith as a person, partner, parent, provider and proclaimer of truth, to produce fruit that will stand the test of eternity.”