Quote: Rules Without Relationships

We're starting a new tradition on the Walnut Creek blog by adding thought-provoking quotations. We pray and trust that they will encourage and strengthen you in your walk with Christ.

"Rules without relationships lead to rebellion." - Josh McDowell

Volunteers Prepare for the Christmas in July Party

Volunteers from Walnut Creek's downtown congregation are busy setting up for another installment of Christmas in July. The event benefits Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan's Purse that  encourages caring people to pack shoe box gifts for needy children in Jesus' name.

The event is this evening, July 20, at The Downtown Church in Des Moines' East Village. The box-packing party runs from 6:30-9:30pm. Click below for more information and learn how you can help: http://thedtc.org/events/2012/07/christmas-in-july

Lots of games are planned for the evening

A festive feel for an important cause

The glow of the nativity

Boxes are ready to be packed

4th of July Patriotic Concert Band

Walnut Creek Community Church will again be hosting its annual 4th of July Celebration at Jordan Park Camp. Back by popular demand, our very own patriotic concert band is gearing up to perform a few tunes. Below are a few photos from a recent rehearsal at Iowa Christian Academy.

The concert band

Danielle Wilson conducting a piece

The flag stands as a reminder

Windsor Heights Chapel Remodel

Walnut Creek's Chapel in Windsor Heights is getting a facelift. New carpet, paint, wood, wiring, storage, stone backdrop, and projection screen are just a few of the updates going in. Thanks to everyone who has helped out during this transition and for the faithful prayers and labor of many.

Chapel at Walnut Creek Community Church in Windsor Heights

Mission 2012: Dominican Republic

This gives a glimpse into the what God is doing in the Dominican Republic and how He used our teams of short-term missionaries as they shared the Gospel and loved people. Special thanks to Israel Lopez for shooting/producing it.

Friday Bible Giveaway: Presented by Walnut Creek Community Church

At Walnut Creek Community Church, we truly believe that God's Word can transform lives. We desire to see all people equipped to spend valuable time reflecting on and studying the Bible.

Over 4 weeks in March, we're going to give away one HCSB Study Bible each Friday. We're going to give the first one away on March 9, 2012. To enter, simply tweet the following before Friday at 3PM:

I just entered to win a free study bible from Walnut Creek Community Church. RT to enter! http://bit.ly/wcccbiblewk4 via @walnutcreekcc

Thanks for entering! More contests on the way, so make sure to stay in touch.
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Week 1: @morganphipps
Week 2: @benbosco
Week 3: @dr_grr

*This is not meant as an endorsement of the HCSB translation. We simply felt that the HCSB has some great resources available for study.

The Downtown Church Celebrates 5 Years

Walnut Creek's downtown congregation celebrated its 5th anniversary on the weekend of March 3-4 and officially launched its Moving Forward building campaign. The Downtown Church started in 2007 with around 30 people and has since seen big growth, with around 500-600 people now attending weekend services.

Walnut Creek Community Church is happy to announce the purchase of the current downtown facility at 323 E. Locust Street. We believe this building will meet the needs of our growing downtown congregation and be a tremendous tool to serve the greater Des Moines community.

Walnut Creek Couples' Conference Featured on The Today Show

We're excited to share that our Couples' Conference with Dr. Gary Chapman was recently featured on The Today Show! Thanks again to Dr. Chapman and to NBC for a great story on his ministry and our church.

Walnut Creek Welcomes Dr. Gary Chapman

Walnut Creek Community Church welcomed Dr. Gary Chapman to The Downtown Church on Saturday, February 18. Dr. Chapman spoke to a packed house about love, communication, sex, and God's design for marriage. Couples drove in from all around the Midwest and helped make it Walnut Creek's largest marriage conference ever.

UPDATE (2/20/2012): We just got the final numbers in and we had over 600 people in attendance at the conference! Please join us in praying for the hundreds of couples who were there and for Dr. Chapman and his wife.

A Fresh Look at The Gospel

The Gospel According to Cosmopolitan presented by Drake Campus Fellowship

By Jon Heggestad

ESPN, Facebook, Harry Potter, and Cosmo Magazine: probably not the first things you would think of when considering topics for a sermon. Yet that is exactly what they have been for the past several weeks at Alive—a Thursday night service Walnut Creek's Campus Fellowship holds on Drake University.

Last fall, Campus Fellowship at Drake decided to do a series of messages that centered on themes present in pop culture. Now, they are currently in the middle of this series that has been named “The Gospel According to:” series.

The idea behind the message series is that speakers would take a common element of our pop culture and use it as a starting point from which they can share biblical truths.

Mitch Lefebvre, a senior accounting and marketing major at Drake who’s been involved with campus fellowship since his freshman year, says that he has been enjoying the series and learning a great deal from them.

“My favorite message so far is probably the Gospel According to Facebook,” says Lefebvre. “Most of the time, posting a status or tweeting something is just a way of getting attention. Facebook shows us how much we all desire that attention, but it also shows us how God made us unique, that He has designed us individually and loves us individually. He loves us for who we are because He made us that way.”

There are two messages in the series left. This Thursday’s message (on February 9, 2012) will be The Gospel According to Cosmopolitan Magazine and will be at 9:00 p.m. in Room 101 of Meredith Hall on the middle of Drake’s campus.

New Monthly Men's Group Starting

Walnut Creek Community Church Men's Huddle
The Men's Huddle
Walnut Creek Community Church is excited to announce a brand new group for post-college men of all ages called The Men's Huddle.

The first meeting will take place on Saturday, March 3 at 8:30am. The Men's Huddle will occur the first Saturday of every month and last for an hour. In the spirit of 1 Corinthians 16:13, this group will provide an opportunity for men to gather for support, fellowship, discipleship, and more.

Be sure to watch the Walnut Creek Community Church calendar for location details in the coming weeks.

Walnut Creek Community Church Membership Class

What are the core beliefs of Walnut Creek Community Church? What is the history of the church? How is it structured? What is Walnut Creek's vision for the future?

Have you ever considered becoming a member of Walnut Creek Community Church? Or, do you just want to get more information about Walnut Creek Community Church, The Downtown Church, West Town Church, and/or the Johnston congregation of WCCC? Either way, the Membership Class is for you! 

What is the Membership Class?
The Membership Class is intended for those involved (or those wanting to become involved) in any of WCCC's four locations. The time is designed to give people a history of how God has led and directed WCCC, and brought us to where we are today as a body of believers. The class will also include an explanation of WCCC's beliefs, church structures, strategy, and vision for the future. For those who desire to become a member of Walnut Creek Community Church, there will be an opportunity to do so, however the class is open to all who want to participate. Attendance at the class does not require you to become a member.

When is the Membership Class?
The next WCCC Membership Class will be held on Sunday, January 29th, from 3-6pm at the Windsor Heights location of Walnut Creek Community Church (900 64th St). A meal will be served for all who are in attendance at 6:00pm, following the informational portion of the class.

How to Sign Up:
If you plan to come to the Membership Class, please RSVP to ensure there are enough materials (and food!) for everyone. You may register online at www.walnutcreekcc.org/membership. Or, email pastor@walnutcreekcc.org, or you may call the church office at 515-279-8312.  

The Marriage You Always Wanted Conference

If you're like me, you probably wait until the last minute to register for things. So I'm giving you (and me) a chance to do the responsible thing and register early for the couple's conference. The Walnut Creek staff is hoping to have most of our members and regular attendees registered by Feb 1.

About the Conference:
Invest in your marriage by attending "The Marriage You Always Wanted Conference" at The Downtown Church. Led by Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the best-selling Five Love Languages, this conference is not a dry, formal marriage seminar—it's a time of fun and discovery that can help you build the love relationship of your dreams. Whether you're getting married in six months—or have been married 60 years—you'll get solutions you can use. With biblical advice and a healthy dose of laughter, Dr. Chapman gives valuable tips on breaking unhealthy patterns and choosing to develop a God-honoring, happy marriage.

Couples both married and engaged will benefit from practical sessions addressing topics like communication differences, dealing with criticism, understanding love languages, and making sex mutually fulfilling. Join us for a day that will be a highlight for your marriage!

More information & registration