A Focus on Fatherhood

Pastor Rick Whitney shares important parenting principles with attendees of the Fatherhood Seminar.

More than 160 men gathered together for a half-day Fatherhood Seminar on April 12 at Walnut Creek Downtown. They were joined by Pastor Rick Whitney of Vintage Faith Church in Manhattan, Kansas, who spoke on “The Importance of Fatherhood.”

“I’m just one father sharing with you some things God has taught me over the years,” Whitney said. He shared seven principles of parenting he and his wife held to as they raised their seven now grown children.

“I thought it was a good time to be together as fathers and learn from those who have gone before us and raised godly children,” said Jason Wicks of Walnut Creek Windsor Heights. Wicks said the most important thing he learned had to do with prayer. “It was good to be reminded of the value of praying and praying often and developing that habit with your kids as soon as they learn to talk,” Wicks said.

Following Whitney’s talk and a Q&A time, breakout sessions divided by their children’s age ranges gave fathers the opportunity to gain deeper insight. The three breakout sessions were:
  • 0-7 years old, led by Pastors Mike Bourland and Tim Rude
  • 8-12 years old, led by Pastors Terry Amann and Bruce Crane
  • 13+ years old, led by Pastors Bob Joy, Joel Swanson and Rick Whitney
Following the breakout sessions, a free lunch provided attendees an opportunity for fellowship and to discuss what they learned.

By Tim Laehn
Walnut Creek Downtown