A Fresh Look at The Gospel

The Gospel According to Cosmopolitan presented by Drake Campus Fellowship

By Jon Heggestad

ESPN, Facebook, Harry Potter, and Cosmo Magazine: probably not the first things you would think of when considering topics for a sermon. Yet that is exactly what they have been for the past several weeks at Alive—a Thursday night service Walnut Creek's Campus Fellowship holds on Drake University.

Last fall, Campus Fellowship at Drake decided to do a series of messages that centered on themes present in pop culture. Now, they are currently in the middle of this series that has been named “The Gospel According to:” series.

The idea behind the message series is that speakers would take a common element of our pop culture and use it as a starting point from which they can share biblical truths.

Mitch Lefebvre, a senior accounting and marketing major at Drake who’s been involved with campus fellowship since his freshman year, says that he has been enjoying the series and learning a great deal from them.

“My favorite message so far is probably the Gospel According to Facebook,” says Lefebvre. “Most of the time, posting a status or tweeting something is just a way of getting attention. Facebook shows us how much we all desire that attention, but it also shows us how God made us unique, that He has designed us individually and loves us individually. He loves us for who we are because He made us that way.”

There are two messages in the series left. This Thursday’s message (on February 9, 2012) will be The Gospel According to Cosmopolitan Magazine and will be at 9:00 p.m. in Room 101 of Meredith Hall on the middle of Drake’s campus.