Friday Bible Giveaway: Presented by Walnut Creek Community Church

At Walnut Creek Community Church, we truly believe that God's Word can transform lives. We desire to see all people equipped to spend valuable time reflecting on and studying the Bible.

Over 4 weeks in March, we're going to give away one HCSB Study Bible each Friday. We're going to give the first one away on March 9, 2012. To enter, simply tweet the following before Friday at 3PM:

I just entered to win a free study bible from Walnut Creek Community Church. RT to enter! via @walnutcreekcc

Thanks for entering! More contests on the way, so make sure to stay in touch.
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Week 1: @morganphipps
Week 2: @benbosco
Week 3: @dr_grr

*This is not meant as an endorsement of the HCSB translation. We simply felt that the HCSB has some great resources available for study.