Leveraging the Power of Mustaches for Adoption

Why grow facial hair for your own selfish gain? Beginning July 25, men are unleashing the power of their mustaches to raise $25,000 to help financially support families in our church who are in the adoption process.

Although the United States is the leading adopting country, international adoption has dropped nearly 50 percent since 2004. Last year, Americans adopted 7,092 children. However, children in Iowa and around the world are still waiting.

Mustaches That Matter assists families adopting internationally, domestically, or through the foster care system. All funds raised go toward our adoption assistance fund to support multiple families each year.

You can join the cause in two ways: by growing your own mustache and raising support as you grow, or by financially sponsoring someone else's mustache. Each man participating is responsible for inviting friends, relatives, and coworkers to vote and financially sponsor his mustache. Once they reach their fundraising goal, they can shave.

Visit www.mustachesthatmatter.com for information, or to register your mustache or sponsor a mustache.

By Jackie Wallentin
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights