Des Moines Resident Blessed by Mission to the City

Mission to the City volunteers get ready to repair a garage for a Des Moines resident.

Every year, Walnut Creek Church hosts Mission to the City in an effort to bless people, organizations and other churches throughout Des Moines. The below email from a Des Moines resident who was blessed through this year's Mission to the City, May 22-26, is a good example of what the five-day mission trip to Des Moines is all about.

Praise the Lord!

Yesterday a total of four men worked on repairing (really replacing) the front of our garage. I met two of them at Menards at 7:30 am to get materials and we were at our home at about 9. They removed the old trim, well worn out siding and metal edges on the front of the garage. They left and took the old removed material to unload it. They returned that afternoon to reside the garage.

Today a crew is coming to do painting, caulking, garage repair, windows on the house, the soffit and trim by the gutters on the roof. A sincere thank you to Caleb Thompson who organized this project for us and the men who worked at our home. Two of their wives brought some pizza and their kids to see how it was going.

By Tim Laehn
Walnut Creek Downtown