Walnut Creek South Celebrates Memorial Day at Door of Faith

For one of their Mission to the City projects, members of Walnut Creek South hosted a Memorial Day barbeque for the men living at Door of Faith, a Christ-centered, long-term life-recovery center for men.

“Sometimes the hardest times are the holidays,” said John Teeter of Walnut Creek South, who previously lived at Door of Faith for 10 months. “We thought it would be nice to have a barbeque for them. We brought the whole crew so we could mull about and talk to the guys – like they’re at a barbeque with a bunch of friends.”

Teeter and the rest of the crew from Walnut Creek South grilled pork chops and brats and served potato salad, baked beans and dessert. “Everything was homemade,” Teeter said. “Guys in group homes tend to get a lot of canned and processed foods.”

According to Teeter, the men they served were very appreciative. He said they heard a lot of sincere thank yous, and several of the men stayed to help them clean up afterward.

“The thing that Door of Faith offers that very few others do, they give you a year, they pay for your food, clothing, room and board. They won’t kick you out after you’ve graduated until you have a job and a place to live,” Teeter said. “They give you a year. If you use that year to seek God and get involved in a church, your success rate is extremely high.”

Partnering with organizations like Door to Faith to serve people of Des Moines is what Mission to the City is all about.