Awana Children's Choirs Perform "Star of Wonder," A Christmas Musical

Christmas Program
The Awana Children's Choirs perform "Star of Wonder," on Sunday, December 13 at Walnut Creek Downtown. 
The Awana Children's Choirs performed "Star Of Wonder," a Christmas musical of hope, on Sunday evening. The Downtown and Windsor Heights Awana locations joined together to perform, bringing about 125 children and their families to Walnut Creek Downtown for the Christmas Program.

Through scripture reading, songs, and dialogue, "Star Of Wonder" shares the story of the miraculous birth of Jesus. The cast of characters includes six different stars who are all awaiting the biggest announcement in history. Throughout the program, the stars discover that Jesus is the real star of Christmas.

The Cubbies perform a few songs before the musical begins. | Photo courtesy of Jill Udey
The Cubbies, children aged 3 to 4 years old, performed their songs first. Then the Sparks and Truth and Training groups took the stage to begin the musical. Some of the songs included "Hangin' Around The Heavens," "God Chooses Who He Uses," and "Big Band of Shepherds."

"The kids were really singing out. You could tell they enjoyed the songs," said Pastor Joel Swanson.

Prior to the program, Awana Music Directors Tiffany Fahy and Megan Coakley held two Saturday practices and a dress rehearsal the day of the musical. Children who had speaking roles also had additional practices.

"I am so proud of all of the Awana kiddos and the hard work they put into tonight's program," said Tiffany Fahy. "They looked beautiful on that stage, and they sounded amazing."

The Christmas Program was hosted at Walnut Creek Downtown and brought together the Windsor Heights and Downtown Awana locations. | Photo courtesy of Jill Udey
Megan Coakley thought the program went very well, especially because of the children's excitement and joy. "The kids were excited to sing their songs because when preparing for the program, I told them we were planning Jesus' birthday party," said Megan Coakley. "The Sparks and Truth and Training worked very hard each week to learn their songs. I loved when they really knew the songs and would sing their hearts out!"

Walnut Creek Kids Director Jacob Bennett, as well as Tiffany and Megan, would like to thank everyone who worked behind the scenes to make the program a success, including the tech crew, refreshments, leaders, and parents.

"I was encouraged to see God glorified through the mouths of so many children," said Jacob Bennett. "I’m really excited to see them grow in faith and see how God uses their lives in the future!"

By Jackie Wallentin  
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights