"Set Free" Series Launch This Weekend

Set Free
The "Set Free" series launches this weekend, September 19-20, at all four Walnut Creek Church locations. 

Walnut Creek launches a new message series – "Set Free" – church-wide this weekend. The "Set Free" series covers the end of Genesis through Exodus Chapter 20, looking at the chronicle of how God built a nation from Joseph's life and then established Israel through the leadership of His servant Moses 400 years later.

"In our own lives, God can carry us through the difficulties and challenges we encounter," said Pastor Tim Rude. "Like Israel, we can experience His comforting presence in troubling times."

The record of Exodus displays God’s power, glory, and grace. Exodus is more than a story about Moses. Exodus is the story of the people of God.

As God dwelt among the Israelites, He dwells among us today–through our lack and His provision, our conflict and His solution, our rebellion and His grace, our bondage and His mercy.

God reveals who He is and our identity as His ransomed people. As He leads the Israelites out of Egypt, God establishes Himself as their redeemer and ours. Through the blood of the lamb, God offers freedom from sin to all people. The bondage of death is gone. Jesus sets us free.

Join us in praying for the "Set Free" series, that God would show us, as a church, our hearts and the sins keeping us in bondage. That God would reveal our rebellious ways and lead us to repentance. And that God would grow our devotion and love for Him as our great redeemer.

Free "Set Free" study guides are available at each location. You can also follow the message series through our mobile app and online.

Share your thoughts and what you're learning during the series on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the #SetFreeSeries hashtag.