#m2tc | It's Fun to Stay at the YMCA

Chris Meyer of Walnut Creek Windsor Heights paints the YMCA gym during M2TC Friday afternoon.

To begin the Mission to the City weekend, two groups from Walnut Creek Windsor Heights spent Friday morning and afternoon serving their local Walnut Creek YMCA with some much needed renewal and repair.

More than 25 M2TC volunteers donned their painting clothes and touched up the walls in several rooms, as well as the curbs, lines, and crosswalks in the entire parking lot.

“I want this to be a family-friendly environment where people feel comfortable, that it’s kind of a home-away-from-home for them,” said Britt German, YMCA executive director.

The maintenance manager, Kevin Morrill, put the volunteers to hard work. Kevin is one of eight people who solve maintenance issues for 14 YMCAs in the greater Des Moines area. Since Kevin and the others are spread so thin, they do not usually have time to remove scuffs, organize closets, or paint the gymnasium.

“I’m impressed by everyone’s motivation to go the extra mile. They work quickly without having to be told what to do more than once,” said Kevin. “Members of the YMCA are going to notice the changes and love it, I guarantee it.”

By Brigitte Haugen 
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights