483 Bibles Donated Worldwide Through Coffee For Bibles Program

39 percent of American Millennials say they have never read the Bible. Two out of every five people in the world have never heard the Gospel. And 99 percent of Asia's 3 billion people have no access to God's Word at all. In November, Walnut Creek Church launched a new program–Coffee For Bibles–to make a difference. Since then we've donated 483 Bibles to reach people worldwide.

For each pound of Walnut Creek Coffee purchased, we donate three Bibles, two for outreach missions locally and one foreign-language Bible distributed by Gospel For Asia missionaries overseas. So far 161 Bibles have gone out through Gospel for Asia, and 322 Bibles have been distributed through the Des Moines metro area.

At each of our four locations, free Bibles are available for guests or for anyone who would like to take one to give as a gift to someone in need of God's Word.

Gospel for Asia is one of the largest Christian missionary organizations in the world and was founded by K. P. Yohannan in 1978. The ministry focuses on spreading the Gospel to India and Asian countries through the use of national missionaries.

We partnered with Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to provide our premium Walnut Creek coffee. Colectivo began sourcing coffee from origin in 1993 and has 20 years of experience providing quality coffee.

Coffee can be purchased at the Welcome Centers of our Windsor Heights, Downtown, and South locations during any of our weekend services. You can also place your order online and pick your coffee up from our main office. Regular coffee is $13/lb, and decaf coffee is $14/lb.

Please join us in bringing God’s Word to people who need it. For more information, visit walnutcreekchurch.org/coffee.

By Jackie Wallentin 
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights