Tom Short Addresses "Five Crucial Questions" at Fall Conference

Campus evangelist Tom Short challenged students to believe God and live lives of faith at the 2014 Fall Conference.

Campus Fellowship welcomed campus evangelist and pastor Tom Short to speak at the 2014 Fall Conference held this past weekend at Jordan Park Camp.

Tom spoke five times throughout the weekend, addressing the questions from his book, "Five Crucial Questions about Christianity." Tom ministers full-time to students, traveling around the country to evangelize and engage in conversations on college campuses. The week of the conference, Tom spent a few days at Iowa State University doing just that.

"There is something more important to God than for us to be perfect–to receive His love and love Him back," said Tom. "Discover what God says and by the grace of God live it."

Campus Fellowship students from Drake, Grand View, DMACC, and AIB attended the Fall Conference as well as students and young adults from Ames and Cedar Rapids. The three-day conference offered students an opportunity to take time away from work and school and focus on hearing from God and His word.

"Since I have been involved in Campus Fellowship, I have really been able to see what it truly means to live out your faith and what the life of a Christian looks like," said Stephanie Gaub, a sophomore at Drake University. "The Fall Conference was the climax of all the growth that I have experienced since coming to Drake. It got me so pumped for Jesus."

The conference challenged students to think about who God is and strengthen their foundation of faith. Students also enjoyed bonfires, a flag football tournament, sand volleyball, and free time to fellowship with one another throughout the weekend.

"At the Fall Conference we saw a lot of new people–Christians and non-Christians. Tom Short did a great job answering the questions that come to Christians on a college campus. People were strengthened in their faith," said Jacob Van Sickle, Campus Fellowship Director.

Visit to learn more about Tom Short and view his resources on faith, apologetics, and evangelism.

By Jackie Wallentin 
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights