Movies in the Village Offers a Fun Evening for All Ages

Following dinner and games, families settle in to enjoy the double-feature.
Friday evening’s cool 50-degree weather didn't keep people away from Movies in the Village, an outdoor movie night at Walnut Creek Downtown double-featuring The Lego Movie and Remember the Titans.

The evening also offered a free dinner, popcorn, cotton candy, and activities for kids – including a bounce house. At dusk, as The Lego Movie appeared on the big screen attached to the church building, families cozied up next to heaters and under blankets to enjoy the show. Following The Lego Movie, late-nighters had the opportunity to stay for Remember the Titans.

“It’s a great way to get the community involved,” said Mackenzie Burke of Walnut Creek Downtown. “I enjoy seeing friends and meeting new people. It’s a fun way to spend a Friday night.”

Allie Crummy, also of Walnut Creek Downtown, added, “It’s nice way for all the services from Saturday night and Sunday morning to do something together.”

By Tim Laehn 
Walnut Creek Downtown