Walnut Creek Windsor Heights Throws Community Super Bowl Potluck Party

Walnut Creek Windsor Heights hosted a Super Bowl party as a unique opportunity to unite members from across congregations and invite people in to enjoy community and a meal together.

“This party was a great opportunity to fellowship across services and locations, and reach out with your kids,” said Jessica White of Walnut Creek Windsor Heights.

The focus wasn’t only on the game. Instead of watching the Superbowl halftime show, Pastor Terry Amann introduced a video produced by the Seattle Seahawks called, “The Making of a Champion.” In the video, numerous Seahawk players and coaches share their testimonies and the gospel in a clear way.

Jessica said her favorite part of the party was its goal, to reach out to people together: “The party offered a door to meet new people who might not come to church for any other reason,” Jessica said. “You tell people there’s food and football, and they’re interested.”

While most of the kids spent the evening jumping in the castle-themed bounce house, Superbowl fans gathered around the full food tables throughout the game. Guests were asked to bring a side to share, and Jon Touchette of Walnut Creek Windsor Heights was encouraged by everyone’s willingness to contribute. He made his own crowd favorite, fried spinach.

“We were concerned about not having enough food, but as always, we had more than enough,” Jon said. “It was a cool reminder of the generosity of people. People always want to come together to help with events like this.”

To watch the video, visit makingofachampion.org.

By Jackie Wallentin
Walnut Creek Windsor Heights