Dominican Republic Mission Teams Depart

Mission team members host a Bible Study in Santo Domingo.  |  Photo: John Beyer

A total of 101 short-term missionaries from Walnut Creek Church are traveling to the Dominican Republic between March 15 and March 31 to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. The first group of 53 departed last week, and the rest will be leaving later this week.

The group is separated into 20 teams of four, five, or six people. Besides sharing the gospel at the university campus in Santo Domingo, the teams will also be teaching English classes and serving at an orphanage and at Haitian refugee camps.

“I’m excited to see people I’ve met in past years,” said Walnut Creek Church administrator Shaly Moyal, who organized the trip. “The university students represent all the country, so by sharing the gospel there, the entire country could be reached, which means the nation of Haiti could be reached since they share the same island.”

Moyal said she’s also excited about discipleship books the teams are taking. The bilingual books are divided into seven lessons with the goal of training those who have put their faith in Christ to continue living out the Great Commission after the missionaries return to the United States.

Pastor Herschel Martindale, one of the leaders behind the missions to the Dominican, sent Moyal an email with the following message after the first group arrived:

“Well, your family has surely increased in the past few hours. I really hope that all went well, and by now all are ‘at home’ in their new home in Santa Domingo. I AM SO THRILLED that you are there. I am believing God for great and mighty things in the next days. We have a large prayer team of over 50 people praying for you all regularly. I know that those at Walnut Creek and many others are also praying.”

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